September 6-8, 2024

Become a Wine Festival Vendor

FOOD VENDORS:  If you are interested in becoming a vendor for our wine festival, look no further. All vendor information, as well as the application form and marketplace application letter can be found here. Simply follow the information provided and the guidelines we have set for vendors, and you can meet up with crowds of customers both new and old. Festivals are always a great way for people to try your food for the first time or show them your products, so make sure to get your application in on time and to make a name for yourself by providing delicious meals at the Paw Paw Wine and Harvest Festival!

  • Returning vendors must submit a signed vendor agreement, insurance certificate and payment in full by June 1, 2024 to secure a location comparable to previous years. After that date the space may be assigned to a vendor on the waiting list. Please make checks payable to the Paw Paw Wine and Harvest Festival. You will receive a postcard confirming your space. All correspondence should be sent to Paw Paw Wine and Harvest Festival, PO Box 376, Paw Paw, MI 49079.
  • New vendors are added as previous vendors do not return and space becomes available. To apply, submit a description of your booth, your water and electric requirements, and a copy of your menu, to the above address.
  • You must have a Michigan Sales Tax Number. You can obtain one by writing to Michigan Department of Treasury, Treasury Building, Lansing, MI 48922 or phone 517-373-0888.
  • Food vendors must be properly licensed by the Van Buren County Health Department. Even if you have an STFU you must still call them.
  • Set up areas will be assigned in advance. The festival board reserves the sole right to assign spaces. We try to accommodate each request, but it is sometimes impossible to honor all requests.
  • All spaces are open air – be prepared for rain or shine. You should be prepared for grass or asphalt areas. Vendor will be responsible for any harm to asphalt and grass areas. Vendors to provide any tables and or tent and awnings. Tents and awnings must be free standing (no stakes). Vendors will haul their own trash to the dumpster provided.
  • You must have liability insurance for personal injury or property damage in the amount of $300,000 and list the Village of Paw Paw and the Paw Paw Wine & Harvest Festival as an additional insured for the time covered by the festival. Send a copy of your insurance certificate verifying said coverage with your vendor agreement.
  • The Wine & Harvest Festival will not be responsible for or liable in any way for loss, theft, damage, or displacement of any property displayed, no matter how the same may be caused.
  • The Wine and Harvest Festival will provide electricity to each vendor, however, we are not responsible for inadequate wiring in your trailer/unit/fixtures/cords. If one of our electricians are called onto the site and the problem is within your extension cables or in your trailer/unit/fixtures you will be billed for their time.


No refunds! No subletting! No guarantee of requested spots! For your application, contact the Paw Paw Wine and Harvest Festival directly at 269-655-1111. Spaces are limited and the vendors who participated last year have the first right of refusal. MARKETPLACE VENDORS please contact the festival office for more information. MARKETPLACE is vendor space for those who do not qualify for the Arts & Crafts or Food Vendors.

P.O.Box 376

Paw Paw MI, 49079

(269) 655-1111