Board Info

  • Board Members
    Doug Craddock – President/Board Member
    Amy Craddock – Treasurer/Board Member
    Mary Springer – Board Member/DDA Rep.
    Nadine Jarvis – Board Member/Service Club Rep.
    Melissa Corneail - Board Member/Parade Chairperson/Secretary
    Brittany Brightwell - Board Member/Parade
    Anna Wawra - Board Member/Chamber Rep.
    Kim Jones - Board Member
    Rose Rook - Board Member/Service Club Rep.
    Jill Pride - Board Member
    Joyce Wyman - Board Member
    Terre Jo Arbor - Board Member
    Deborah Droppers - Board Member/Bike Tour
    Marilyn Clear – Festival Executive Director

  • Thanks to all our Event Chairpersons
    Melissa Corneail & Brittany Brightwell – Co-Chairs - Parade
    Festival Director & Mark Smith - Car Show
    Roman Plaszczak - Fireworks
    Amy Craddock & Jill Pride - Doggie Dash
    Mary Springer - 5K Run/Walk
    Rose Rook - Arts & Crafts Show
    Anna Warwa - Carnival
    Festival Director & Mary Springer - Festival Tent
    Mary Springer & Suzy Glomski - Entertainment
    Mary Lou Hartwell - Kiwanis Turtle Derby
    Doug Craddock - Volunteers
    Deborah Droppers - Bike Tour

And a Special Thank You To Our Volunteers
It takes hundreds of volunteer hours to make the Paw Paw Wine & Harvest Festival a success! Our sincere thanks go out to all the community businesses and residents who contribute their time throughout the year and during the Festival weekend.

Thank you to all of our Wine & Harvest Festival Sponsors